Greetings all! Bob is still recuperating so you've got my newsletter this month. Lots of info to share:
Leslie Harrison of the Northboro Rotary Club wanted to share info about the Zanmi Beni Rotary Club Partnership Super Bowl Squares fundraiser. to pick and pay for squares. Learn more about Zanmi Beni here.
Winter Sowing | A Simple Way to Start Seeds Outdoors | joe gardener®On February 1st we will have a hands-on project: Winter Sow! We will experiment growing seeds for native plants specifically chosen to help our most at-risk pollinators. More details to come but please start collecting gallon jugs (clear/transparent - not the completely white ones).
Finally, please consider contributing to the donation drive to support the Bedford Food Bank, which provides for about 120 households a week and is always in need of items that aren’t available through Greater Boston Food Bank or other donors.
Yours in Rotary

Marc’s Musing...

January 2022

Happy New Year!!
You say it, I say it, we all say it. But do you mean it?
What inflection do you put on those words? Is it one of true feelings and conviction that it is, indeed, a Happy New Year? How do you know? It’s only just begun! Or are you uttering them by rote, devoid of thought or emotion? Or are they offered, as I think they’re most often meant, as an outright declarative wish from and for both the giver and receiver that the new year will truly be happy?

Wait. Is there a touch of hesitation in that wish? Okay, (deep sigh), at least happier than the year (or years!) we’re leaving behind. It’s no wonder that the immediate past’s history brings some trepidation as we embark into the future. But why hesitate? The future can’t be anything but happy, that is until its past proves it otherwise.

So, in that sense our club’s future is happy. And as our future morphs into being our past it can remain happy. But that requires effort, individual and collective. My December “Musing” considered our club’s future, the inevitable “new normal” yet to
be developed. Will it remain happy? Yes!! How can I be so sure? Because throughout the eight years since I joined, I’ve witnessed and experienced the member camaraderie and conviction that guides Bedford Rotary. I’m confident that’s the foundation of the
individual and collective effort that will soon be requested as we look to shape our

Yours In Rotary,
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Jan 18, 2022 12:30 PM
Rotary Action Group for Club Foot
Jan 25, 2022 12:30 PM
Bedford Youth and Family Services
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Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service
Jan 17, 2022
January Board of Director's Meeting
Jan 19, 2022
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
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Due to the spike in cases with the Omicron variant we are now meeting in Virtual  format - online only. If you'd like to join our meeting, contact us by Tuesday morning at 10am and we'll try to provide a link to our virtual meeting. 

A request from Linda:

My Primary Care doctor has sold her practice and the new doctor hasn’t taken over yet (months overdue).  I am in need of a primary care person and would like any recommendations from our group if possible. Preference is that they are associated with Emerson.
Thanks so much. Can’t get prescriptions renewed or changed without a Primary Care.
Any recommendations are appreciated.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
MLK Community Service Project - Jan 15-23
As part of our Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Bedford Embraces Diversity, the Parents Diversity Council and the Rotary Club of Bedford will be holding a donation drive to support the Bedford Food Bank, which provides for about 120 households a week and is always in need of items that aren’t available through Greater Boston Food Bank or other donors.
Bedford POPS (Permanent Outdoor Performing Space)

Plans for a potential outdoor performance center for Bedford are in their infancy. Barbara Purchia, Chair of the Bedford Cultural Council, joined our virtual meeting to give us the details, and to talk about how the club can fit into the planning. 

Major Devon Messecar - Space Force
Space Force
We started off the new year with a bang when Major Devon Messecar of Space Force joined us as our speaker! Devon was an active member of the Rotary Club of Bedford when she was stationed in Massachusetts as well as the President of the Seoul Young Leaders Club, an offshoot of the Rotary Club of Seoul Korea.  Devon spoke to us about her latest role in the US Military- a member of Space Force!
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