Speaker Date Topic
Emily Mitchell Dec 10, 2019
Warmer, Safer, Drier: St. Paul's Partnership with Appalachia Service Project

St. Paul's Episcopal Church is embarking on its sixth mission trip with Appalachia Service Project, a nonprofit based in Johnson City, TN, that has been providing home repair and construction assistance for people living in rural poverty for the past 50 years. To date, 56 youth and adults from St. Paul's have participated in at least one weeklong mission trip; this year we plan to take four crews, totaling 29 people. The services ASP and its volunteers provide are free to the homeowners. St. Paul's is raising money to pay for our transportation to and from West Virginia. 

BIO: Emily Mitchell has been a leader of the high school youth group at St. Paul's for more than 15 years, and has coordinated all six ASP mission trips. She is a former Bedford Library Trustee and currently serves on the Board of Selectmen. 
Amy Regen Dec 17, 2019
Healthy Pediatric dentistry
No Meeting Dec 24, 2019
Happy Holidays!
No Meeting Dec 31, 2019
Happy New Year!
Stephen Kirk Jan 07, 2020
Getting Buzzed – An Introduction To Beekeeping

Honey Bees are amongst the most important insects on planet earth. Clearly the single biggest pollinator, many plants would simply disappear from the landscape if it weren’t for the flight and food gathering behavior of honey bees. Steve will provide an introduction to, and the benefits of  beekeeping as well as the environmental and disease issues facing bees and the overall ecological impact of each.

John Keller Jan 21, 2020
Climate Change and it's Impacts

Bio of Dr. John Keller

Dr. John L Keller’s career in atmospheric science research & development goes back to the early 1970s. As a Senior Research Meteorologist at AIR Worldwide in Boston, Dr. Keller developed and implemented a model for the extreme wind climate of Northwest Europe. This model is part of AIR's "EuroCAT" modeling system, widely used by the property and casualty insurance industry to manage climate risk. Prior to joining AIR Worldwide, Dr. Keller was a staff meteorologist at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, MA. At Lincoln, he provided scientific support for the
FAA's Integrated Terminal Weather System and NASA's Wake Vortex Program. In 2005 Dr. Keller was the founding
scientist of Weather Analytics (now Athenium Analytics), a company that provides data and analytical tools, including those for managing climate risk. In addition to giving numerous conference and public presentations, Dr. Keller has published in many scientific journals, including
Nature, the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences and Monthly Weather Review

CCL is Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) was founded by a Rotarian.  Marshall Saunders was working with Rotary on micro-loans, when he decided that climate change was a threat to his work and the world that couldn’t be ignored.  That was 11 years ago.  Today, CCL is working to pass a bi-partisan bill that will reduce carbon in the atmosphere by creating incentives to pollute less, is fair and socially just, AND will spur economic growth.  The link above will take to you Rotary.org’s page about Mr. Saunders and CCL.

  The speaker will educate the club about climate change and it’s impacts, and explain the bill (aligning with RI’s view that clubs should engage with and be informed about “any public question involving the general welfare of the community, the nation, and the world.”).   CCL understands that Rotary does NOT endorse anything .  
  CCL aligns with Rotary’s ideals and approach to problem solving:
·       We work together as volunteers to solve big problems like polio.  CCL’s organization is made up of volunteers collaborating to stop climate change (and is organized much like Rotary– with local chapters). 
·       CCL works with everyone across the political spectrum to create consensus and relationships, just like Rotary.  Both organizations are non-partisan.
·       Rotary’s Four Way Test demands (among other things) that we treat each other respectfully (‘Will it build goodwill and better friendships?’).  CCL trains it’s volunteers extensively to engage, inform and educate in respectful and collaborative ways.