Writing this today, Monday, December 7th, 2020, as the Coronavirus pandemic rages around us, memories from a happier, more normal time come to mind.
One year ago to the day, it was a Saturday. Rotary club members were in the last minute scramble of preparations for their signature event of the year. The next day, Sunday, Bedford Rotary’s 33rd annual “Breakfast with Santa” would bring families and children to the decoration transformed Santa’s Village inside Bedford High School’s cafeteria.
That was last year.
It was unimaginable then that there wouldn’t be a 34th annual Breakfast with Santa this year. Unimaginable that no Bedford children would sit on Santa’s lap in 2020. Unimaginable that last year’s group photo, wouldn’t be replaced by one taken this year. And, that’s particularly too bad. There are now new member faces that certainly would have been there. And at the same time, it’s sad because we miss those who are no longer with us.
Breakfast with Santa this year would have been on December 13th, exactly nine months after the Coronavirus prompted a National Emergency to be declared.  In these days of uncertainty, with the risks of contracting or spreading Covid-19 adding to the stress of readying for his worldwide Christmas Eve high-flying sleigh ride, Santa couldn’t make a breakfast visit to Bedford, even over Zoom.
But that doesn’t stop the spirit of the holidays from being on display all over town.
Masks and distancing from one another hasn’t stopped Bedford from celebrating, whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or Festivus. And maybe Bedford Rotary’s “Light Up Bedford – A Decoration Celebration” has encouraged some of the home decorating that’s lighting up so many neighborhoods.
Click on the “Light Up Bedford” button at the top of this page. There you’ll find a free, live map and guide that highlights many of the decorated homes in Bedford. Some are featured here and in conjunction with the map to their locations. If you plan to go sight-seeing, you’ll definitely find it helpful. Plus, it’s not too late to show off your decorations by registering to get your home on the map.
'Also, here’s a Rotary shout-out to this year’s Bedford “Holiday House Tour, Front Steps Edition.” They, too. are producing a map, but one with the added goal of raising funds to help a local family in need. If you’re in the spirit of giving, we encourage you to read about the family here and email: Team@SuzAndCo.com.