The more we think about it, the more we are amazed at the caring and generosity of some people in and organizations associated with our club.  We had that experience again last week.  We have been asking people to donate to The Rotary Foundation for credit to its Disaster Response Fund by the end of April, knowing that every such dollar will be spent in direct support of providing humanitarian relief for the people of Ukraine. 
This week we learned that one member of our club initiated a contact with a representative of the Cummings Foundation to inform them of this special effort of The Rotary Foundation in case the Cummings Foundation shared the compassionate need for support for the people of Ukraine.  Within days, that member of our club received a check from the Cummings Foundation in the amount of $100,000 payable to The Rotary Foundation and earmarked for the Disaster Response Fund.  That member of our club coordinated with our club's president, with our club's liaison with The Rotary Foundation, with all of our club's District Governors (past, present, and known future), and with Roy Balfour of the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury who was key to starting the first Rotary Club in Ukraine (in Kyiv) some 30 years ago and who met John Hewko who was and remains a member of the Rotary Club of Kyiv.  It is interesting to note that John Hewko is now the General Secretary of Rotary International and General Secretary of The Rotary Foundation.  The outcome of all that coordination was that the check payable to The Rotary Foundation and its letter of transmittal were attached to The Rotary Foundation Contribution Form which calls for both our club number (6554) and our district number (7910) and was mailed to The Rotary Foundation two days after the date on the check!  In that interval, a copy of the check and letter of transmittal had been sent to Roy Balfour who had immediately forwarded it to John Hewko who immediately acknowledged the matter.  Things can and do move fast.  These remain exciting times in the life of Rotary.