8th grade Bedford TV Interact Club member Taevy Malone wrote her first article for the Bedford Citizen just prior to her entering grade 5. This was the beginning of Covid and to assist her with the writing Molly Gilarde entering grade 12 offered to mentor Taevy. That article was on the project clearing Fawn Lake that was taking place at that time. This was the first focus on student writing development to take place. Taevy’s article was formally published. Since then Taevy has written two more news items of which one other has been published. Molly also wrote an article for the Bedford Citizen on the Bedford High JROTC Program. When emerging writers are mentored by older students powerful writing skills quickly begin to develop.
With the Interact Club of Bedford TV having a focus on writing partly focused on script writing and material for the local TV News program member, fifth grader Lindsey Park who will be performing in the Nutcracker Ballet in Boston, mentored by Taevy is currently working writing an item for the Bedford Citizen about her experience with the professional ballet cast. Peer writing is a focus of the writing curriculum of the Bedford Public Schools, and this Interact Club enabling peer writing on a vertical scale are opportunities we want to encourage. Additionally, students involved with Bedford TV receive community service credit for their contribution to many video, editing, and production tasks required. As scripts will be used for video productions, and news items may be featured in the Bedford Citizen and on the Bedford TV news, community service recognition is also made available for the students helping each other in their creative expression.
The Rotary Club of Bedford has focused on Literacy since 1995, and with students now leading with this focus as Interact Club members becomes an important example of the Rotary value of promoting community service.