There was no regular meeting today which is why there is no Happy dollars or speaker’s synopsis. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun! We have gotten together during this pandemic several times, but mostly for service projects (such as Bike Helmet day, Memorial Park cleanup, Building beds for kids, etc.) But not for just having a meal together, talking about nothing in particular, just a group of old friends who haven’t had much chance to renew friendships and share stories like old friends do. There were 27 of us at Flatbreads Tuesday evening, a combination of Rotarians (19 of those, plus an assortment of wives, husbands, and one daughter). President Paula had the good sense to move the event indoors (concerned about mosquitoes) and it’s a good thing she did because not only were there mosquitoes, but there were also thunderstorms too! Good thinking Paula.  

There was beer, wine, soft drinks, pizza, salads, and of course Blueberry cobbler and brownie Sundays. Folks started arriving about 6:00 PM – half starving, and we closed the place down at 9:00 PM. – stuffed! And it turns out the club paid for the whole thing!

Hard to say what all the conversations were about. But I’m sure there was a good sampling of children, grandchildren, boats, paintings, vacations, along with what a great year Sze-Wen had as our president, lots of good luck for our current president Paula, and best wishes for a great year to our District Governor Cliff. We promised to give Matt (President Paula’s husband) back his wife in July 2022 … maybe! He seemed to take it all in stride and even bought me a beer (Thanks Matt!!).
We had a difficult year, and we did a lot of stuff. But we missed one of the cornerstones of our little band of Rotarians, each other. Tuesday evening was a great opportunity to have fun together; and we did.