Julie Genova is Bedford’s new Public Health Nurse. She grew up in Waltham, has a degree in nursing from Boston College and over the years she has learned more and more about public health. Over the years Julie has worked in various nursing rehabilitation centers, at Beth Israel Hospital, the Concord Public School system, and most recently at the Fenn School in Concord for over 10 years as their Administrator of Health Services. She started at her position in Bedford in February 2022 and is looking forward to getting to know the Bedford community.

She feels we are in the endemic phase of Covid. People are getting vaccinated, the shear number of cases is down, and the severity of these new cases is not as severe as it used to be. Her message to the community is use common sense; if you are sick STAY HOME, get vaccinated if you are not, and if you come in contact with someone that contracts covid let those people you have recently come in contact with know!

Traveling, especially to a foreign country, requires due diligence on your part. Julie cannot verify or give validity to “home testing” but does have access to any PCR test results. A positive PCR test is good for 90 days. Any testing done within 90 days of that test will return another positive test. While she cannot verify “self testing” but having access to PCR test results she can certify to that and is willing to write a letter for you certifying you have been tested, what the results, and when you were tested. This can become critical when you try getting back into the United States!

Julie is a wealth of information and experience. We look forward to getting to know her and working with her in the future.