Sunday was a beautiful Fall day and a group of Rotarians and Interactors got to work at the 9/11 Memorial park cleaning up the overgrowth. 
The Rotary 9/11 Memorial Park, created as a place of remembrance and reflection, was initiated by the Rotary Club of Bedford following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The park is located at Springs Brook Park, on the right, just beyond the entrance gate, and is open to the public year round. For many years, an annual September 11 ceremony was conducted on the site by the Bedford Rotary with attendance by Rotary members, its friends, local clergy, Police and Fire Dept personnel, Town Officials and the community. The Department of Public Works(DPW) mows, adds mulch and seasonal plantings to the site each year.
A few Rotarians noticed that the site had become somewhat overgrown and proposed that additional maintenance be done including cutting vines encroaching on trees on the perimeter and growth round the SBP dedication rock. After conferring with the Recreation Department, the club held a group site visit and brainstorming session to see what could be done.
Led by Christine Pinney and Marc Hamilton, a group of Rotarians and Interactors (the Bedford High School service club), got to work on a recent Sunday afternoon and began cleanup by removing growth from around the symbolic eleven rocks, and cutting down the vines that were choking the trees along the perimeter. After a couple of hours of work, the site was much improved.
Marc Hamilton commented that this was the beginning of an ongoing, annual Park maintenance project by Rotary Club of Bedford, part of the partner stewardship of the Park by Rotary and the Town of Bedford. Enthusiastically, Christine Pinney told us “In just two hours, our mighty cleanup squad cut invasive vines 30’ in the air that were strangling trees. We made three huge piles of brush to be removed. Can’t wait to tackle some more!” Christine invites you to stay in touch with the Rotary Club of Bedford for more information about how you can help with this and other service opportunities to Join Rotary. Do Good. Feel Great. “We are very proud of this contribution to Bedford, and we encourage all to come visit this garden sanctuary.” President Sze-Wen Kuo said, putting into words a sentiment wholeheartedly felt by all Bedford Rotarians.