A Fun-Filled Friendship Exchange Between Boston-Area and London-Area Rotarians

A fortnight friendship exchange between Rotarians in the suburbs of Boston and London.  Since 1977, approximately 20 couples have been traveling across the Atlantic from England to the U.S. followed by 20 couples the following year going from the U.S. to England.
Bandey-Hefler Fellowship Exchange
A fun-filled friendship exchange across the Atlantic between Rotarians near Boston and London.
Click below for a short video introduction
  • Host a British Rotarian couple for 4 days in the fall of 2018 (9/26-10/8)
  • Show them your favorite places including your Rotary Club
  • Make friendships that will last for years
  • Become eligible for an all-expenses-paid 12-day trip to England in 2019 (excluding air fare)


For more information go to:  www.rotaryma.org/bh/index.html
Or contact Bandey Hefler co-chair Victor Tom at vtom0@yahoo.com
Images from the Fall 2015 visit here from the UK