You might notice things look a little different. Our esteemed newsletter editor is recuperating so this is a stop-gap measure to keep everyone in the loop while he is out of commission. Feel better Bob - we miss you!

Marc’s Musing...

December 2021

Bob Cassidy. I apologize. This bit of musing might have been a Bulletin contribution were it not for its unavoidable and unfortunate hiatus. There will possibly be later musings to consider when you resume publication, but this is now.
And the musing of the moment? It’s about us, Bedford’s Rotarians. Or more specifically, about our Club. What’s happened and what’s ahead?
Memories are muddled. Through a year’s worth of Covid months plus seven and counting, we’ve traversed our time-warped, pretzel twisted paths of life. It has seemed at once interminable and only yesterday’s ago that we abandoned familiar routines and got pushed into an unknown and unimaginable future. And unless you have a late model, magic crystal ball, the future remains unknown.
But hope grows. That despite recurring setbacks we’ll eventually be able to return to...normal? Nope. I think that’s unlikely. As I think many realize, me included, the former “normal”, or at least parts of it, probably won’t be seen in the “new normal”... whatever that comes to be.
And so here we are. At the crux of this musing. What’s our “new normal” going to be. Or more appropriately, what are we going to make it? Are we going to resurrect a pre-Covid snapshot of the club and carry on from where we left off? I think that too is unlikely. I believe that we members, the heart, and lifeblood of the club, are an open-minded, forward-thinking bunch that can’t disregard whatever positives have or may come from the trials and tribulations of surviving the pandemic. At the same time, I
believe we harbor sincere reverence for the roots and traditions that have shaped us.
Such considerations! I know I’m not alone in thinking about what lies ahead. Conversations are happening. As well they should!! We all are wise enough to not wait until the future is upon us to be thinking about what we should, could, or will do when our world opens up enough again to do more than what’s being done now. Most importantly, for you and the good of the club, what do you want to do? What are you thinking???
I, for one, would like to know!

Yours In Rotary,
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John Hope from across the pond presented an illustrated talk of places where John lived and worked during the early part of his life, during a career in the Royal Air Force. John gave the talk to the Rotary Club of Bedford on December 7, 2021. His bio can be found at
Lighting Up Bedford (2021)
We had a terrific time at the Town of Bedford tree lighting, providing safety lights to children, adults and even pets! About 250 people (and some pets!) picked up the lights we gave away. Some of them were contributed by MassBike. Check out the video on website to learn more.
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