Whether you're a part-time student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone aiming to enhance their education, career, entrepreneurial pursuits, or community involvement, Rotary offers unparalleled training and learning avenues. Within Rotary, you'll find abundant opportunities to hone leadership and motivational skills. These opportunities manifest through a variety of local, national, and international projects dedicated to serving communities meaningfully. Engaging with Rotary also means collaborating with esteemed professionals and world leaders across diverse fields, further enriching your growth journey.
We are fortunate in Bedford to be able to provide this leadership training starting as early as grade 3 and extending well into retirement. Members of the Rotary Interact Club of Bedford TV can take video production, script/story writing, and photography classes all offered at Bedford TV. Adults can take classes too. The Interact Club continues into middle school and as students reach 50 hours of community service they are encouraged to continue to be involved as mentors and share their learned skills with others. 
As students move into Bedford High, there is also a Rotary Interact Club so they can continue to develop and improve their skills as leaders. In Bedford, students ages 18 and above can join a Rotary Rotaract Club.  The Bedford Rotary sponsors a Rotaract Club established at MIT but it is open to others in the greater Boston area including Bedford.  
College students can tap into Rotary resources and attend Rotary Leadership Institute training, potentially setting themselves years ahead of their peers. Although Rotary's focus is community service, adhering to the motto "Service Above Self," it profoundly enriches individuals as effective, caring, and professional leaders.

While students hone their leadership skills, adults can also enhance their abilities by joining Rotary. Rotary offers continuous learning opportunities, particularly in leadership development. Leading volunteers, especially without monetary motivation, presents unique challenges. Rotary equips its members with real-life leadership skills necessary to motivate, inspire, and guide others effectively.

For younger students and adults alike, building universal leadership skills is an ongoing journey. The Rotary Interact Club at Bedford TV caters to this need, fostering leadership among third graders and beyond. Through observation, reflection, and teamwork, students develop skills in video production, storytelling, and scriptwriting. Mentoring plays a crucial role, facilitating the natural exchange of knowledge among peers.