This past month the Interact Club of Bedford TV elected its first set of officers:  

Charter President is 8th grader Taevy Malone: 210 hours of Community Service
Charter Vice President is 7th grader Noah Gilbertson: 936 hours of Community Service
Charter Secretary is 7th grader Audrey Carlton: 810 hours of Community Service
Charter Assistant Secretary is 5th grader Sidnie Ryoo: 12 hours of Community Service
Charter Treasurer is 7th grader Akshat Bhatia: 39 hours of Community Service
Charter Assistant Treasurer is 5th grader Lindsey Park: 270 hours of Community Service
Club Advisor is Bedford Rotarian, Ralph Hammond 
Assistant Club Advisor is the MIT Rotaract Club Treasurer 
BHS Junior Swetha Kaundinya, a Bedford RYLA graduate, and her classmate Sachi Regmi have been working to establish this Interact club for elementary and middle school students in Bedford. Their primary focus is on video production, which involves promoting writing skills relevant to news production, sports reporting, and other forms of information sharing to be incorporated into scripts.
At Bedford TV, video production classes rely on students crafting scripts as the foundation of each video production that the two teams undertake for each session. This month, the selected scripts were written by fifth-grader Elliott Carlton and sixth-grader Riley Nam, who took part in the scriptwriting class offered through the Recreation Department.
Examples of videos created by students at Bedford TV:

1) JGMS 5th to 6th Grade Transition Video. 2.1K Views Produced by a 6th Grader Healy Weisman, now a 12th Grader and actively involved in producing videos for Rotary since grade 3.  Healy has 574 hours of community service.

2) Practice vs Perfect an Advanced Filmmaking Short Film Produced last week by a 5th Grader, Three 7th Graders, and One 10th Grader
Students who complete 50 hours of community service at Bedford TV are eligible to enroll in video production classes for free, help out at sporting events and government meetings, and receive mentorship in video production and other classes offered at Bedford TV. Moreover, all students at Bedford TV earn community service credits for their professional contributions across all phases of video production.