The Rotary Year for Rotary International and Clubs worldwide is July 1st to June 30th. Thus, the Rotary Club of Bedford is rapidly approaching the end of its 2023-24 year and looking forward to 2024-25.

The annual transitional gathering of members on Tuesday evening not only inducted two new members but also celebrated the successes of the past year and recognized the changing member makeup of club boards.

Under the Co-President leadership of Al Roscoe and Ralph Hammond, Bedford Rotary prospered as a strong, cohesive club throughout the past year, as Al leadership matured under Ralph’s mentoring. Ordinarily, they would pass the gavel to new officers for next year. Instead, we are fortunate that they agreed to carry on and continue guiding the club for a second year.

After having served on the club’s Board of Directors for two years, Debi Malone and Christine McLellan are stepping down. Paula Gilarde and Cliff Rober take their places joining Jim Harrill, Tracy Claudio, and Katie Pinney on the five-member board.

Similarly, for the Rotary Club of Bedford’s 501c3 non-profit Bedford Rotary Foundation, Diana Jarvis and Tom Pinney step down, and Judi Babcock and Karen Sun join Diane Hughes and a yet-to-be-named member on the Board of Trustees.

Capping off the evening were awards presented to Paula Gilarde, Humanitarian of the Year, with the inscription, “Thank you for all that you do to help the club and community,” and to Katie Pinney, honoring her as the club’s outstanding youngest Rotarian of the Year.