2023 RYLA graduate Swetha Kaundinya now in grade 11, member of the BHS Interact Club also a mentor at Bedford TV motivated by RYLA indicated she would like to start an Interact Club in the Middle School. So as to include more students, we went with Bedford TV a community based Interact Club. That will automatically make both Lane and Middle School student eligible to be officially members of that club.
To formally start an interact club 5 students are necessary. Swetha will be the official Director, her friend Sachi Regmi will be the Assistant Director. Ralph will serve as that Interact Club Advisor. The 5th student applied yesterday. Currently the club has two 8th graders, two 7th graders and one 5th grader. All have a strong interest in in building not only their leadership skills but their writing skills as well. All of those students are currently involved with the Script Writing Class at Bedford TV. Students involved with this interact club have been active at Bedford TV for many years and together they have achieved over 1,387 hours of community service. Many of them will be at our Rotary Community Breakfast proudly wearing their new Interact Club pins, and of course helping out with video work during that gathering.