On May 16th we were joined by Alison Field-Juma who spoke about the Concord River and the Talbot Mills Dam. Alison Field-Juma is the Executive Director of OARS, a non-profit located in Concord founded in 1986. OARS works to restore and protect the health of the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers for all people and wildlife using science-based advocacy, education and recreation. OARS increases awareness of the value of these three rivers, grows public engagement in their stewardship, and works to build long-term sustainable use of water resources through science-based advocacy. OARS is the Project Manager for the dam removal project.
An overview of the Talbot Mills dam removal project and an update on the process. An opportunity to discuss various perspectives, make input, and ask questions. Here are links to the project website and the project story map.
The handout from our meeting can be found here. A recording is below.