On Saturday, May 18, 2024, more than 800 Rotary clubs and 30,000 Rotarians across 10 states and 7 countries, will volunteer in their communities for an unprecedented Rotary Day of Service, collecting clothes for homeless, refurbishing parks, and, much, much more. The Rotary Club of Bedford will be participating by holding a garden work day at the Native Pollination Preservation garden at Page Field. 
Help us weed and plant and mulch the garden beds. Learn the value of the plants chosen for this garden to help our native butterflies and bees. Come for as long as you’re available. Wear a hat, gloves sunscreen and insect repellant. Bring water to drink and any hand garden tools you can. Be prepared to have fun!
The Rotary Day of Service isn’t just for Rotarians. The projects welcome anyone who wants to “Get Behind the Wheel” and give back to their own communities. Those interested can simply visit: https://bedfordmarotary.org/event/rotary-day-of-service/