2 0 Rotarians and assorted spouses, children, grandchildren, and pets descended on the portion of Nat’s property known as “The Knoll” on Saturday morning (August 28, 2021) for a few hours of fellowship, good food, games, and a lot of catching up.  Like most of our gatherings used to be, it can easily be summed up by saying “just some old friends getting together to pass some time together.” Nat was his usual gracious host supplying and cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, and soft drinks. Debi was there making sure everything was in order, she and Marc shared photography duties (I’m the one that caught Marc taking pictures of everyone else (gotcha)! There was also several plates of Watermelon and brownies. Someone brought a box full of thickly iced cupcakes which were also a big hit. (I tried to sterl them but got caught!).I’m sure we solved all of the world’s problems in 2021 but nobody would own up to it. Nat also brought along a few four-wheelers for all of us to drive around and explore. The event was supposed to be over at 2:00 PM but as we usually do, at 2:45 PM folks were still sitting around and talking. Nat, you had a wonderful idea and between you and Debi, you pulled it off. Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us.

Check out the photo album for photos from the event (photo credits Christine Pinney).