On a warm sunny day in November, nine families exercised their hunting skills and had a blast searching for seventy five items in their community. Thirty one participants, including four furry family members used creativity and strategies to earn points. Six crews set out around Bedford, one on the cape, and one in Hudson. They searched for statues, and rotary signs, they reenacted the famous Beatles Abby Road album cover, and interpreted items in their own way. Russell Swinton said  "This was a wonderful event. Bethany and I had a terrific time!"
The proud winners were, in:

1st Place - The FirePokers! Kociubes clan – Dawn, Adam, Marcy, Lauren, Plato.
2nd Place 1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 4 if by car- the Gilardes clan, Paula, Matt, Molly, Tommy
3rd Place The Dynamic Trio - Russell, Bethany Murray
Our newest member from November 2020, lead the team The McPads - the McLellans, Christine, Vijay, Deven, Callum
Honorable Mentions:
M&K - Marc & Kay Hamilton
Joanie and Nat Brown
Cape Team- Sze-Wen, Victor, Kristine, Kellem
Tray/Hannon- Tracy & Hannon
Pinney Patrol - Tom, Katherine, Christine
Here's a Video by Christine Pinney Showcasing some of the fun.