Jan 28, 2020
Paul Hemphill
Learning American History

I speak on why and how American history - as it is taught in our high schools - presents an on-going threat to our national security. I present a viable solution to motivate students to want to learn American history. My wenbsite: www.gettysburglessons.com

From his profile from the above website:

I'm an author, speaker, and videographer. My best-selling book, Inspiration For Teens, is on video and audio as an in-school program to help teens recognize their own leadership ability, the benefits of a strong character, and the necessary ingredients for daily success,

How? I use stories from an American historical event to demonstrate their valuable life lessons.
That's the winning formula: Stories + Lessons. Period.

I've written 2 self-help books and 2 books on college planning, I've produced over 50 videos on life lessons, over 200 videos on college admission and financing, as well as narrating 3 audiobooks.

There are at least 4 pages of listings of me on Google.

I have over 2,700 Facebook followers who love to watch how I get a life-lesson from an historical event. I've never used bots to get followers.

I have survived cancer, not once, but twice. My perspective on life is one of gratitude and thanksgiving. My wife is also a cancer survivor.

For 17 years I was a college admission strategist, with a 96% success rate of getting high school students into their first-choice colleges. 

I have a degree in philosophy, received the Bronze Star Medal and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry while in the US Army, and I'm married with two sons who were once convinced, as teenagers, that their father was the dumbest adult on the planet!

The effect of my speaking gigs is to show why students and teachers have genuine leadership ability that can propel them to recognize their many talents under very stressful conditions. It motivates students to say "WOW!" to a newly-found and energized self-esteem.