We are the Rotary Club of Bedford.
We are a relatively small group of professional men and women who live and/or work in or around the town of Bedford, Massachusetts.
We may be your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, or people whom you have never met.
But one thing is certain, we care about our Town, its people and the greater global community and are willing to give of our time and effort to make a difference in Bedford and around the world. 
1956  Elvis Presley hit the music charts. The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System came into being. The ocean liner Andrea Doria sank off the coast of Nantucket. And Celtics legend Larry Bird was born.

The countryside farm town of Bedford, 15 miles west of Boston Harbor, was booming with 50's   decade changes. Industrialization transitioned farmland into corporate building sites and house lots.   By '56 Bedford's population had almost most doubled. That's when six or seven like-minded business   leaders in the town founded the Bedford Rotary Club.  Robert Mead, Arthur Bishop, John Bowen,   Frank Hennessey, Ronald Davis, Glenn Simm and Ray Williams shared a common goal, to make a   difference in the life of the town and its citizens. They lived the Rotary motto "Service Above Self". They brought it into the life of their community and it is the guiding principle for Bedford   Rotarians, as it is for Rotarians around the world.