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181 Springs Brook Road
Springs Brook Park
Bedford, MA 01730
United States of America

You're invited to: 


    Rotary Work Party

    Rotary 9/11 Memorial Park, Springs Brook Park Bedford, MA,
   181 Springs Road   
    Sunday, Oct 25
    1 pm- 3 pm

     Bring work gloves and a mask.
The 9/11 Memorial Park was initiated by the Rotary Club of Bedford following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 as a place of remembrance and reflection. For many years, an annual ceremony was conducted on the site by the Bedford Rotary with attendance by the Bedford Rotary, its friends, local clergy, Police and Fire Dept personnel, Town Officials and the community. The DPW mows, adds mulch and seasonal plantings to the site each year. 

Recently, we proposed that additional maintenance be done including cutting vines encroaching on trees on the perimeter and growth round the SBP dedication rock.
The Rec. Dept is in support of this and has given their approval for us to move forward. Initially, we plan to have a site visit and brainstorming session. And while no work will be done that day, we definitely need your ideas and suggestions to help us to understand what is needed and what our club can do to help. 
Who is invited: Rotarians, BHS students, Interactors, partners, family members, prospective members, RYLAns.
You MUST PRE-RSVP for all attendees in advance(for health code Covid contact tracing) at

You MUST bring and wear a Mask.


Suggested items to Bring -

  • water/snack for yourself
  • folding chair
  • walking shoes/boots
  • notepad/pen to capture ideas/suggestions
  • phone/camera

Per health department and requirements, we will wear masks and maintain social distancing. 


Here's a more detail list of suggested tools to bring and jobs to do at our work party.

  • Work tools
    • Notes: 
      • bring a few tools
      • mark your tools for easy identification 
      • each person does not need to bring every item
    • Rake - leaf
    • Rake - heavy duty
    • Clippers (hand)
    • Loppers
    • Long handled tree lopper
    • Tarp
    • Wheelbarrow/garden cart
    • Shovel
    • Saw
    • Chain saw (Russell, Tracy) with gas mixture
    • gas/leaf blower (Tom &?) with gas mixture
    • Hoe
    • stakes  - Christine/Tom(8) 
    • Kneel pad/kneeler
    • Ladder
    • plastic/supermarket bags that can be used for trash pickup
    • music/portable speaker
    • megaphone

Work- Roles/Jobs

  • Crews
    • 11- rocks - clear out growth 
      • 5 rocks left
      • 6 rocks right
    • Choke vines from trees/perimeter
      • Long handled lopper  - trimmer
      • Puller 
      • Runner- bring items to waste pile near road
    • The SBP rock - original dedication plaque- tall climbing vines
    • Hardy mums - to waste pile
    • Weeding in mulched areas - benches, dogwoods, rose of sharon
    • Sign - gentle cleaning
    • Trash pickup
    • Leaf blower - clean up at end? If we think we’re going to finish in one day


  • Photographer(s)
  • Videographer
  • Attendance taker
  • PR - Article writer - get quotes from participants, pres. Sze-Wen, Paula G, service chair, Christine, Marc - organizers, Bedford Citizen/club enewsletter/website/facebook/social media



Here are 2 photo albums of recent photos of the park.

    9/3/20    before the DPW spruce up


*weather permitting