Oct 01, 2019
Victor Tom
Equipment for First Hospital of Montenegro

The Rotary Club of Budapest-City, Hungary has a recently approved Global Grant to equip the hospital with up-to-date life-saving equipment.  The hospital was the first hospital built in Montenegro and there is many out-dated Russian equipment dating back to its communist era.  In this talk, Victor will describe the need and the plans for updating equipment in the gynecology, maternity and pediatrics wards.

This relationship was a direct result of Sze-Wen and Victor doing a makeup at the RC Budapest-City during their summer vacation.


Dr. Victor Tom received his BS, MS, and ScD, all from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept. at MIT. He has worked at a number of defense companies and MIT startups and is currently a Chief Scientist at BAE Systems in Burlington, MA. Dr. Tom is a third generation Rotarian, PP of the Rotary Club of Bedford, Assistant Governor for Area 2, District Grant Subcommittee Chair, and serves on the Bandey-Hefler Fellowship Exchange and the Rotary International Friendship Exchange committees. On a vacation in Europe and a visit to the Rotary Club of Budapest City, he and Sze-Wen learned of a Global Grant project to help a hospital in Montenegro get much-needed equipment and training.