Nov 12, 2019
Judi Babcock
Behind the Scenes of Reality Television

Bedford Rotarian Judi Babcock knew that she and her husband, Bob, had raised a very geeky young man, but they were taken by surprise when he called home from graduate school in November, 2007 to say that he had an interview lined up with a scout for the 5th season of the reality t.v. show Beauty and the Geek lined up.

Come to the meeting and hear about how reality television contestants  are selected, what it is like to be a contestant, how the the shows are filmed and edited, etc. 
 Full disclosure Jim Babcock is busy working as a software engineer in California. Judi will be passing on what she learned from him and a few of his friends from the show who visited, as well as what the experience was like for her and her husband.